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Bale-Mulhouse (France)

23:30, 21 August 2016 (GMT)

Bale-Mulhouse Colmar Grenchen Belfort Bern / Belp Zurich-Kloten Les Eplatures Neuchatel Donaueschingen / Villingen Lahr, CAN-AFB Luxeuil Payerne Strasbourg Besancon Konstanz Messstetten Lausanne Karlsruhe, Baden Wurttemberg Friedrichshafen Saint Gallen-Altenrhein Nancy / Essey Sion Nancy / Ochey

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Visibility:Greater than 10000 m, 10 km, 32800 ft, 6.2 miles
Temperature:12°C, 54°F
Dew-point:10°C, 50°F
Atmospheric pressure:1027 hPa, 770.3 mmHg, 30.33 inHg, 1.014 atm
Relative humidity:87.6 %
METAR:LFSB 212330Z AUTO 00000KT CAVOK 12/10 Q1027 TEMPO 4000 BR


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